Friday, August 31, 2012

One Teaspoon of Roark

This morning I went with my favorite pair of sisters to The New Mart for sample sale, as well as to visit a few old friends. While helping the girls set up for all the clothes for sale at the Kathy Walker Showroom, I found this amazing bleached chambray top from One Teaspoon and magically it fit. (It was clearly meant to be mine) I wore it out of the showroom not even realizing, until I was complimented on it later, that it goes perfectly with my favorite Roark tee.   They are the perfect pair! 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kate Spade Inspired Fall Wedding

I was truly honored to be asked to make the flowers for Tyra and Andy's wedding in San Diego. I was amazing at how in love I feel with each design my team and I produced. The intimate outdoor ceremony was held in Golden Hill Park with the reception following at the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown San Diego.  The red, blue, black, and white colorway suggested by the bride fit perfectly with the setting and aesthetic she had hoped for. This wedding turned out for be one of my favorites yet.